Jennifer Garth

Software Developer

United States

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Experience

  • Understanding of Regions, Availability zones, etc.
  • Hosting static websites
    • I’m hosting this website on AWS
    • Created buckets for the root domain and www subdomain
      • Configured the root domain bucket to host the websit
      • Redirected the www subdomain bucket to redirect to the root domain bucket
  • Assigned and adjusted bucket policies and properties
  • Enabled versioning and logging
  • Uploaded, made public, renamed, deleted, and restored objects
  • Understand storage classes, S3 vs. Glacier, and lifecycle management
  • Created an EC2 Linux instance using the Ubuntu 14.04 AMI
  • Created a Key Pair and connected to the EC2 instance from Windows via PuTTY
  • Installed Ubuntu desktop functionality on the Linux EC2 instance using the Bash shell
  • Created a security group and added inbound rules to allow RDP connection
  • Installed XRDP and other xfce4 resources and then connected to the Linux desktop via Windows Remote Desktop Connection client
Amazon Route 53
  • Registered domain names
  • Created hosted zones
  • Created alias records for domains and subdomains
AWS Lambda
  • Running an Alexa Custom Skill (unpublished) on AWS Lambda
Alexa Custom Skills
  • Wrote an (unpublished) Alexa Custom Skill in Python
  • Wrote Intent Schema in JSON
  • Running on AWS Lambda